Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sonnabend: Boxhagenerplatz Markt, dirty stop-outs at Fritz Klub and a bit of ambivalence.

More on the very hectic weekend. We took a hungover walk in the sun around Boxhagener Markt on Saturday, and picked up a large bag of veggies for the bargain price of 1.72 Euro..and found Cheddar! Happy days indeed, and well worth the half hour we spent searching for Boxhagenerplatz.

The Hamburg lot came down to visit this weekend, which was ace. It seems like so much longer than two weeks since we last saw them. We took them for a night out, Berlin style, although Hamburger Paula has lived in Berlin before so she was the one herding us around the city. We ended up at Fritz Klub via a very strange Berlin New Wave gay goth club (ya rly) and danced the night away until the sun came up. At 7am we staggered to the train station and enjoyed a pre-hangover breakfast of - you guessed it - more croissants. This place is more dangerous than Paris.

Oli and I bought our first pot plant for the apartment. It's a small peppermint plant. We've called him The Hoff, and will try our very hardest not to kill him. I'm not holding out much hope TBH, we haven't got a very good track record. Also, RAINBOW EGGS. The fact that this is a thing here makes me never want to go home.

Hmmm. It's Contemplation o'Clock here at Kopernikustrasse Towers. I'm not really sure what direction to take this blog in. I originally started it as a way to help me rebuild my writing skills after a prolonged period of inactivity, but writing exclusively about my little japes in Berlin seems self-indulgent, especially considering the amount of amazing sights, people and deep pockets of culture past and present all around me. Also, attempting to do one genuinely interesting thing a day is horrendously unrealistic - a girl's gotta chillax, after all. So I'm thinking I'll continue to do a couple of 'shit-Oli-and-I-have-been-up-to' posts a week, but intersperse it with more posts about the artists, museums, corking cafes and cocky-ass sparrows that make up this beautiful city. Sound better? Yeah, I thought so too.

Bis bald,

Betti Baudelaire xxx

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