Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ich wohne jetzt in Berlin

When I first stated my intention to move to Berlin about a year and a half ago, a lot of people were disbelieving. I've lived in my small home city of Cardiff for 25 years. My family, friends and memories are all based there. So I'm guessing it was quite a surprise for everyone when my boyfriend Oli and I were accepted onto the Leonardo Da Vinci scheme, packed up our lives and left the country within the space of six weeks.

Armed with only a suitcase of clothes, a smattering of German and an average quality camera, we arrived in the city last Sunday. We've been finding our feet, drinking far too much beer from the Spati across the road, suffering from new-city man flu and attending Balkanska gigs regardless of my bunged up nose. 

But now the time has come...for productivity! Because I naturally default to 'lazy bastard' if I don't have a project, I'm going to attempt to do at least one interesting thing a day for the duration of my Leonardo placement in Berlin. Hopefully it will help me to see the city more - so far I've yet to break out of the Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg bubble - and by documenting it on this here blog I'll once again be embracing the writing skills I have so cruelly neglected for the past ten months or so.

 Bis bald!

Betti Baudelaire xx

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